...is a musician, dancer, film/theater director, actor, and educator. She was born into a family of musicians and started playing cello and singing when she was ten. She completed her BA in performing arts and Russian and Arabic literature at UC Berkeley, where she also studied with jazz musicians Myra Melford and David Milnes. She studied abroad in Palestine for over a year, working as a performing arts and dance instructor in Palestine and learning to speak Arabic. After graduating in 2012, she pursued further training in music, acting, and dance at the Saint Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy in Russia. Marica is the founder of the multi-genre performance troupe called RADIX. In 2014 she directed and composed music for her first short film, “The Awakening.” Her favorite artists include Nina Simone, Bjork, Black Sabbath, Yo-Yo Ma, Emel Mathlouthi, and Apocalyptica. You can check out more of Marica's work on her website.